Thu, Mar 22 12:35am
Chadbourne Elementary

Dear Parents and Students,


With a heavy hearts and deep regrets, we would like to inform the Chadbourne Community that Variety Show for 2018 has been cancelled. We had made many attempts to recruit volunteers for the show, but we were not able to find 8-10 volunteers who could help with all Rehearsals and the Finale. 


A show of this scale needs a lot of parent involvement and we were not able to foster this from the parent community. It is not possible to train a different set of parent volunteers at every rehearsal as the kids need to be trained by same parent at every rehearsal. 


This was a very hard decision for us and we exhausted every possible option before arriving at this decision. 


We understand that all the kids are disappointed, but we tried our very best to salvage the show. 


All the Rehearsals including this Fridays Rehearsal are cancelled and please make sure the appropriate pick up arrangements are made. 


We would like to  sincerely thank the teachers and parent volunteers who helped with auditions and committed to helping with the show.  


With Best Regards, '





Variety Show Committee