Vivek Prasad details for Fremont School Board, Area 5!
Sun, Sep 27 11:32pm

Message from MSJHS parents, please also see attached flyer:


Hello All,
The Presidential election is taking place on November 3.  On the same ballot, a more important election is taking place - Fremont school board trustee.  The school board is the policy making body for FUSD and impact every decision including course offerings, distance learning MOU, criteria for return to school, facilities budget, teacher salaries, committee selection, Special Ed, etc.  If you are not yet registered to vote, please do so at  Deadline to register is 10/17.  
For the first time, the school district is split into 5 districts.  Mission and part of Irvington (Grimmer, Weibel and part of Warmsprings elementary areas) represent District 5 and can elect our own representative.  This is our opportunity to elect people who represent the voice of the community on the board.  There are 3 candidates from our district.  Please learn more about them from their websites:
Vivek Prasad (former MPPFA President):

Disclaimer: Please note CFFA does not attest any candidate in  Fremont School Board, Area 5. As Chadbourne parent community doesn't have yahoo group we are sharing details on Konstella so community could make inform decision during upcoming election.