Walk Your Child to School + Battery & Printer Cartridge Recycling + Zero Waste Lunch
Chadbourne Elementary
1 day before

Walk to School: Please walk at least a few blocks if not all the way from home.


Please have your child get a sticker (in front of the office) and put it on the yellow board - even if s/he did not walk.We are trying to get a count on how many are walking.


Zero Waste Lunch: http://ecoclub.cffaonline.org/reducing-lunch-waste/zero-waste-lunch


Battery and printer cartridge recycling are available from 8:15am to 8:45am in front of the school office. Please help by trying to sort the batteries per the instructions at the following link before bringing them to recycle. http://ecoclub.cffaonline.org/battery-recycling


No drop offs at other times please.


Chadbourne EcoClub meeting: Room 28 - 3-4pm: http://ecoclub.cffaonline.org/meetings


Chair: Ambarene Khader/ Vandana Bhrugumalla
Co-Chair: Pavithra Ramaswamy 


Volunteer Signup:


Walk to School - 




Pen, Battery & Printer Cartridge Recycling