Weekly update
Thu, Nov 3 8:41pm

Good evening Pioneers

I have a few things that need attention, so wanted to bring it to your attention: front of the school safety, breakfast and lunch and lunch containers.

Front of the school:

I really need parents to abide by safety and traffic rules in the front of the school. You can’t cross the street without a crosswalk, it is a huge safety problem and really concerning when I see parents guiding their children across the street with no regards to school personnel telling them it is not okay. We are teaching your children to follow rules, but parents are breaking them continuously. Also U turns are not allowed in the front of the school, as well as dropping students off in the bus parking zone. I understand it would be convenient to have the drive through, but without help we can’t do it.

Breakfast and Lunch:

If students are getting breakfast in the morning they are expected to eat it before going to class. Students are in class for 2hrs before recess and need the food for them to be productive and learn. Parents are going to be asked to leave the cafeteria starting Monday, students can get their food, eat and get to class on time.


We started a green and pink ticket system as we were having problems with an incorrect lunch count. The process is, teachers ask students if they are getting lunch and which, they then report that to the office and they send it to the kitchen.

I have been told that students are ordering lunch in case their parents do not bring them food. This is not okay. Clear communication in the morning with your child is very important. Students can’t say their getting lunch just in case, it is wasteful and not necessary.

Kinder parents: I know you escort your students to get lunch, but when they go in I need you to step aside by the exit and the students will get their lunch, with the help of our food service coordinator. Students are asked to take a fruit, veg and protein, not everything. Taking more is wasteful, and taking away from other students.

I am sorry this is a lot but you put your children in my care and expect me and my staff to do the upmost best. We do, but need the same respect from our parents.

I respect all your children as I would my own children. When my boys go to school I know that their school holds them accountable and I absolutely respect and agree with it.

Thank you

Mrs. Pedrotti