Yellow Postcard On it's way to you for MAZE DAY Packet pickup.
Mon, Aug 13 10:11am
Chadbourne Elementary

Hi Chadbourne Families!

Please don't worry if you haven't received your yellow postcard for picking up your child's MAZE Day packet yet! It is coming!  You should receive it by Thursday in your mailbox.  MAZE DAY Packets are available to be picked up from the Chadbourne School Office Friday August 17th - Wednesday, August 22nd - between 8 - 3:30. You must bring your yellow postcard with you for each student in order to pick up the packet.

Q:  "Can my friend/neighbour pick up the MAZE DAY Packet for me?"

A: Yes!  As long at they bring your child's yellow postcard with them to pick up the packet.



See you all soon!


Trudy Wentworth

School Secretary