Tue, Sep 8 8:15pm

Dear CHADBOURNE parents, students and families-

This year CHADBOURNE elementary school will begin implementing a quality daily elementary school zoom physical education program. The program will emphasize health related physical fitness and the development of movement concepts and skills in a cooperative learning environment.

For safety reasons, your child will be required to wear athletic shoes and appropriate workout clothing during physical education zoom class. It is important, therefore, to send your child to PE zoom meeting class dressed appropriately. Anyone wearing a skirt should make sure they are wearing shorts underneath. It’s also very important for you and your student to establish a safe workout, physical education space (inside or outside) where they can move freely, safely and are free from bumping or hitting anything while they are exercising and training.

The same level of participation will be required of all students, regardless of dress, so dressy clothes are not recommended.

If you do not want your child to participate in physical education on a given day, I must have the request from you in writing. Please email me at jlosson@fusdk12.net , if necessary. Missing more than three days in a row from class will require a doctors excuse. If your child has a medical problem that might affect his/her overall participation in physical education, be sure to let me know.

Rest assured that this new program is designed to enhance your child’s self-esteem. Your child will never have to endure the humiliation of being picked last for a team as our activities during zoom physical education will be self-paced, focused on individual developments and to get students physically active. As my time with the students during physical education zoom class is limited, they are to do independent ( asynchronous) work on their own either before or after they have me for live teaching( see schedule). Each weeks activities will be put in my Google classroom weekly prior to students coming to my class. Students will participate with me in warmup activities/routines plus at least one set of the weekly exercises. Before or after class they are expected to go into the Google classroom to get the workouts and to do an additional two sets of the weekly workout. This is their assigned asynchronous time for each week. They will also use the independent workout routines and programs to help them achieve the designated PE standards.

Please visit and look in the Google classrooms for grade level physical education standards that students will be assessed on at the end of each trimester. These assessments will be part of the students grade and will be monitored/assessed by parents/guardians and then reported back to me. The process will be a simple email with parents stating to me what students did on each of the standards assessment.

The program emphasizes what your child can do and encourages trying to do one’s best at all times. Striving to be and do their best is at the core of each activity and lesson.

Please feel free to visit, assist and/or observe the program in action. Your support will certainly be appreciated. If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me at jlosson@fusdk12.net.

Below is my zoom meeting link for CHADBOURNE Elementary school physical education:

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Kind Regards,

Coach Jerry Losson