Coach Forde's Delicious Treats Now On Sale!
Wed, Oct 14 1:30am



Hello Stingray’s,

  You all are probably wondering why your child has come home asking for money. Well that is because of me Coach Forde. So, what are Coach Forde’s’ “Delicious Treats”, well it is our favorite cool down treat ice cream, ice pops and icees. I started “Delicious Treat’s” last year this fundraising program is geared to help our Sports Department. The proceeds will be used to help offset equipment and funding for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please be mindful this is a privilege. Any student that exhibits any type of behavior that’s unbecoming of Channelside Academy standards will not be able to participate for that day. I will be selling “Coach Forde’s’ Delicious Treat’s” Starting today until the end of time. Students will be able to purchase “Coach Forde’s’ Delicious Treats” during lunch, recess or after school. Each treat is only $1.


1. Please do not send more then $5 to school especially for KG thru 3rd grade.

2. Please have KG thru 3rd Grade keep their money in a secure place i.e. zip lock bag or envelope to keep them from losing it.

3. Please do not have students purchase for or buy other students Delicious Treats unless its family.

4. Please inform students that they must eat their lunch first, Coach Forde’s “Delicious Treats” is not to be substituted for a lunch, it is just a Delicious snack treat.

Any concerns or if you would like to donate to our Sports Program please contact Coach Forde at: 

** I don’t purchase or sell any Ice cream with peanuts**