Donations for the Silent Auction
Sun, Jan 13 8:41pm

The PTSO will begin collecting auction donation items on Tuesday at our PTSO meeting. Following that, donations can be dropped off at the front office daily or at PTSO meetings. In addition to the items listed below, we are accepting gift cards, monetary donations and any new items you'd like to re-gift. Don't forget to ask your favorite restaurant or shop for a donation. We'll send them our tax id so they can get a write off. Thank you all for your efforts!


In preparation for our Silent Auction fundraiser in the spring, the following items are requested from each grade. Please donate items so that we can create themed gift baskets for the auction.

Remember, the money we collect from the auction goes toward making the school better for our children. You may contact or for questions, volunteering or donations.


Please donate the following:


Kindergarten - Beach (towels/blankets, chair, chair umbrella, towel clips, spf, shovels/sandtoys, beach bag)

1st grade - Camping (flashlights, bugspray, spf, batteries, lighters, lamps, ice packs, disp plates/cups)

2nd grade - Arts & Crafts (sketch books, pens/pencils, markers, glitter, DIY kits, fabric pens)

3rd grade - School Supplies (you got this!)

4th grade - Beauty & Spa (spa/nail gift cards, mani/pedi items, bath bombs, candles)

5th grade - Lego (sets, boards, mini figures)

Middle School (6th-8th donate to either or both)

- Gourmet Foods (specialty olive oils, salts, spices, chocolates, prepared items)

- Kitchen/Cooking/Baking (baking sheets, cutting boards, sprinkles, oven mitt, dishtowels)