Souper Bowl of Caring NJHS
Thu, Jan 28 12:01pm

Dear CAMS,


There is excitement in the air!  It’s Souper Bowl time and NJHS once again would like to invite all of CAMS to join in our food drive.  

Tackle Hunger’s Souper Bowl of caring helps provide food for charities, pantries, and organizations in the Tampa Bay area.  Last year alone, Tackle Hunger provided over 14 billion meals around the US. We want to continue to be part of this endeavor and with your help, CAMS can help provide for our neediest neighbors. 

NJHS will place two boxes, a Buccaneers and a Chiefs, in the lobby area by the elevator.  Students can place their food donations in the box that represents the team they wish to win the Super Bowl.  On Friday February 5, we will announce CAMS pick for Super Bowl 55 Champion.  If you want, an NJHS member can stop in your classroom and collect donations.  Just let me know and I will have one stop by. 

I enclosed a flyer you can share/post with your kids as well as with their families.  Thanks again for supporting NJHS, but more importantly Tackle 


With warm regards,

Amarillys Santallana

Middle School Spanish Teacher

NJHS  - Chapter Advisor



  1. GO BUCS!!!