VOTE NOW - Vote for the gift baskets you want at the auction!
Wed, Dec 19
Channelside Academy of Math and Science

In preparation for our Silent Auction fundraiser in the spring, the following ideas for themed gift baskets were collected at the last PTSO meeting.

Each grade will be asked to donate to their designated themed basket in order to create a basket for the auction. This is your chance for input into which baskets will be at the auction for you to bid on.

Please reply with your top THREE choices by end of day tomorrow, Dec 19. We plan to send out the requests for items by grade by end of week.

Please attend the next PTSO meeting for more information about the Silent Auction Fundraiser in the spring.


Sports Signed Up: 0 / 0

(local pro team items, balls, game sets - badminton, bocce ball, bowling)

Arts & Crafts Signed Up: 3 / 0

(sketch books/pens/pencils, markers, glitter, DIY kits)

School Supplies Signed Up: 3 / 0

you got this!

Kitchen/Cooking/Baking Signed Up: 1 / 0

(baking sheets, cutting boards, sprinkles, oven mitt, dishtowels)

Beach Signed Up: 3 / 0

(towels/blankets, towel clips, spf, shovels, sandtoys, beach bag)

Marvel Superheroes Movie Basket Signed Up: 2 / 0

(Marvel movies, popcorn, theather giftcards)

Breast Cancer Awareness Signed Up: 0 / 0

(pink bow items, items for those going through treatment)

Beauty & Spa Signed Up: 7 / 0

(spa/nail giftcards, mani/pedi items, bath bombs)

Gourmet Foods Signed Up: 4 / 0

(specialty olive oils, salts, spices, chocolates, prepared items)

Lego Signed Up: 2 / 0

(sets, boards, mini figures)

Camping Signed Up: 4 / 0

(flashlights, bugspray, spf, batteries, lighters, lamps, disp plates/cups)

Harley Davidson Signed Up: 1 / 0

(anything Harley Davidson)