After School Clubs!
Tue, May 21 12:55pm
Charlotte Ave Elementary


I know we're all gearing up for summer, but, before you all escape, I'm reaching out to see who is available this Fall to volunteer to lead (or co-lead) after school clubs.

Clubs are a great way to  encourage kids to learn and be social in a fun, unique way. This is also a great way to get involved and spend some quality time with your children and their friends. If you are a volunteer leader, your younger children are welcome to join you.

Clubs are for grades 3-5 only. 

Gaming, Performance Arts and Crafts Clubs will be offered again this fall (October 8th – November  12th). The PTO would also like to add other clubs as well. Please feel free to let me know if you have an idea for a different club and would like to co-lead!

The PTO would also like to offer Spring After School Clubs if we have enough volunteers.   Please reply back if you are interested in helping out this Fall and/or Spring. 

Thank you so much! 

After School Clubs  Coordinator