Tue, Jan 28 9:26pm

Hello Charlotte Ave.  

We are still collecting paper Box Tops.  Next collection is next week, Feb 5th,  

Please following the following procedures:

1. check expiration dates

2. cut box tops close to dotted line

3. bag into counts of 50 if possible (but do not refrain from sending less!) 

4. Label you bags with child's name and teacher



Thank you to those who have started using the APP.  Things are going strong! 

This is the simplest way to earn free money for our school!

1. download the APP (box tops for education)

2. fill out information and put Charlotte Ave as your school of choice

3. Go grocery shopping! Yeah! 

4. SCAN grocery receipt


6.  GIVE CREDIT (this is where it gets tricky!  scroll down to the bottom of your tallied box tops for that receipt,  there is a box labeled "Give credit to" in this box please type  "teachers LAST name/student's FIRST name". for example "Travers/Abby"

NO mrs.... NO room numbers, NO last names of students (if two students in the class have the same first name their last name initial only please) 

Your help and detail of this is imperative to keep classroom tally's for the end of school year rewards.  

once credit is given it saves for future scans. 

I know it seems like a lot but steps 4-6 take  less than a minute!  


Thanks again to everyone for helping us support our PTO.