Charlotte Ave Ski Club
Thu, Oct 10 3:56pm

Come join the Charlotte Ave Ski Club! Open to all students, special student pricing available, and…early release on Friday afternoons!


2020 Dates

  • January 10, January 17, January 24, January 31, February 7
    • Make Up Dates: February 14, February 21


  • 5 visit passes are just $149
    • Do you have younger kids? Children 6 and under can get a Scout Pass for $60
  • 5 lessons are just $70
  • 5 lessons with rentals are $120
  • Helmet Rentals are $30



  • New this year: NO BUS. We will carpool to the mountain. This is going to require coordination and an additional permission slip for children who will be riding with people who are not their own parents BUT it will save us money and get us there earlier – it will be WORTH IT.


★★ All 5 visit passes are eligible for Explorer Youth End of Season Passes after Feb 17, 2019

(Includes a total of 7 mountains!!!!) Just in time for February Vacation ★★


Explorer Youth Season Passes are just $399 to buy outright. You do not need to be part of the ski club. All Youth 7-17 can purchase these passes through the Charlotte Ave Ski Club (tell your older kids and neighbors!)


See website for more information:


We will set up a Konstella group for quick group messaging. 


Interested in chaperoning? Please let us know!


Ski Club Coordinators:

Stephen DiBona 603-387-3667

Jessica Read 603-547-5380