Corrected date: FUNd Run!
Wed, Oct 3
Charlotte Ave Elementary
2 days before

The FUNd Run is a fundraiser that also encourages health and wellness. The students collect pledges from family and friends. Supporters can donate per lap or a one-time donation in advance. Students complete as many laps as they can during their Specialist time. 
The PTO would like to suggest the FUNd Run be our ONLY major fundraiser this year (YAY!). To make this a reality, we will need 100% participation. The suggested goal is $40 per student. We know not every parent can simply write a check for $40 per student, but remember, your student can go door to door in their neighborhood with their pledge sheet, call family members and friends and receive donations from long distance loved ones via this You can help "Share" on Facebook and via email.


This event is SO fun to be a part of! Looking forward to seeing you there!