Notes of Appreciation for Staff
Mon, May 3 7:48pm


This whole week, we celebrate Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. This has been such a challenging year in so many ways, let's do what we can to recognize our staff's dedication!



Please take a few minutes with your child(ren) to write some heartfelt words of appreciation. Handmade pictures, notes, store-bought cards, e-mail messages- any which way you wish to express thanks would be such a welcomed boost to our staff members.


Cards, notes, and pictures may be sent in with your child,  dropped off to the office, or e-mailed any day this week. Please be sure the recipient's name is clearly written so it makes it to the correct mailbox. Attached is a list of the entire staff for your convenience.


This is where you can search for a staff member's e-mail address:

Nashua School District - Staff Directory