Pointers for Photo Montage
Mon, May 4 7:56pm

We have received a few questions about photos. Here are a few pointers to help make this go smoothly for our volunteer compiling the photo montage.


If you would like to include a photo of your child in the video montage, please do the following:

  • Send one photo of your child holding a homemade sign, chalkboard message, or pose with sidewalk chalk drawing. It does not need to be elaborate but should be personal.
  • Please take photo in landscape orientation, if possible. (Helps fill the space but portrait can also be used.)
  • Do not record your child speaking or send a typed message. Please send only a still photograph. (Videos and messages can certainly be sent directly to teachers who would enjoy receiving them this week.)
  • Email to Mr Mamos, pmamos@yahoo.com
  • Write MONTAGE in the subject line

Here is the montage created by staff for students for reference. We would now like to record one for them in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week.



(P.S. For those who already posted on Facebook, those will be forwarded to the email address. If there are multiple photos in your post or they are portrait, I will write in the comments to verify which you'd like to use. 


There is concurrently a dance-off challenge being run by the school staff. See google classroom for the video and further instructions.  Those video recordings can be sent to CharlotteAveOwls@gmail.com



Amy R.)