The Complete African Drumming Experience Workshops
Sun, Feb 2 6:34pm

Ask your child about the African Drumming Workshops at CAS, funded by CAS PTO's donation to Donors Choose and matched by the Nashua School District.

With your generous support of PTO, we are fortunate to host workshops for every classroom at our school, providing an immersive musical experience for our student body.


If your child has not yet participated, don't fret. The talented musicians of Nashua Community Music School will be returning today to CAS, leading drum circles, sharing rhythms, sounds, techniques, history, and the cultural foundation of this music with our students.  We hope your children have enjoyed the experience and are excited to share what they have learned with you! 


Thank you to Ms. Lincoln and Mrs. Durden, CAS PTO, and Nashua School District for bringing such quality musical programming to our Charlotte Ave. community.