UNSUBSCRIBE from Konstella directions for parents/guardians of former CAS students
Wed, Sep 2 11:19pm

Hello all,


If you no longer have a child attending CAS, please follow these instructions to unsubscribe from Konstella. (Use a computer, not the mobile app. When you get to the Remove button, it is in small font but colored red.)


Click your name on the left-hand menu --> Select Your Roles in the drop-down menu --> Remove yourself from school


Should you be unable to access your account, you could e-mail amyrafalski@icloud.com requesting to be removed. Please include the e-mail address of the account (if different from account from which you're sending request) and your first and last name.


Many thanks for being part of our school community in the past. We wish our former owls all the best in their new schools!