Day 3 of P4P Winners!!!!
Wed, Feb 26 10:21pm

 Thank you Pride for the generous donations, sending in money through the envelopes and online.  Last night’s contest was for Paw’s favorite food, PIZZA!   

We are proud to announce that the top class from grades 4 -6 brought in $705.  This class gets a PIZZA party with Paws!  …congratulations to our CHEEEEEEEEEEEESE winners, MR. BARNETT’S class!  

The winner from grades K – 3 also happens to have the most in donations for the entire school, $3,492.12!  The SAUCY winner who gets to have Paws bring in Pizza for a party, can we say THREE-PEAT, was Miss Lutostanski’s!  

Tonight, we have TWO different WATER FUN contests to offer you!  For Kindergarten through 3rd grade, the class that brings in the most money gets water bottles filled with candy!  As for our 4th, 5th and 6th graders, your prize will be a WATER BATTLE!  The winning class gets to invite their parents in for a water fight!

Keep bringing in your donations!  And remember, LITTLE BY LITTLE, A LITTLE BECOMES A LOT!  Thank you PRIDE!