Day 4 Winners of the P4P Fundraiser!
Thu, Feb 27 8:39pm

Thank you Pride for the generous donations, sending in money through the envelopes and online.


  Last night, we had TWO different WATER FUN contests!  For Kindergarten through 3rd grade, the class that brought in the most money will get water bottles filled with candy!  As for our 4th, 5th and 6th graders, their prize will be a WATER BATTLE!  The winning class will get to invite their parents in for a water fight!

The winner from grades Kindergarten through 3rd gets a Pride-filled water bottle…Wait!  It’s even better than that!  A CANDY-filled PRIDE water bottle!  Congratulations to our THIRD grade class…...................................................nope, it’s not who you are thinking…congratulations to the class that brought in $924, the most for the entire school and Kinder through 3rd grade,  Mrs. Carr's class!

We are proud to announce that the top class from grades 4 -6 brought in $764.15.  This class gets to invite their parents in to have an epic water battle!  You’d better start working on your Paws-like reflexes, 4th grade.  Congratulations to our winners, Mr. Glander's class!

Tonight, our top donating class in K – 3, and grades 4 – 6, will win an afternoon of inflatables fun!  Bounce with your classmates and enjoy some extra outdoors time!

Keep bringing in your donations!  And remember, LITTLE BY LITTLE, A LITTLE BECOMES A LOT!  


~Thank you PRIDE!