Email from Patterson
Mon, Mar 23 8:23am

I have copied the email we all just received for those that may not see it in their emails: 


Dear Patterson Pride,

I hope you and your family are happy, healthy, and you have been able to spend some quality time together. We are missing all of our students and please find comfort knowing your teachers will be with you every step of the way. We are all in this together. As of now, districts are in collaboration with the state government to provide instructional guidelines within the current law to ensure learning is accessible for all students. We should be receiving more in-depth guidance around March 30th on what the formal instruction will look like in order to produce a more consistent schedule. Teachers are coming back from Spring Break today and will be contacting all families to provide any guidance on enrichment resources, suggested/optional home schedules for this week, and to answer any questions.

All staff will be available from at least 8am-4pm via email throughout the closure. We understand that each family is in a different situation so our goal is to provide each family with what they need until and after we have a consistent instructional platform for all students. New and updated information will be coming out by the day, but the previous CUSD email with enrichment activities will be especially helpful this week.

"March 18, 2020

Dear Chandler Unified Parents and Guardians,

During the school closure, it is our desire to provide the students of Chandler Unified School District the opportunity to continue their educational experience through enrichment resources. Below are links to resources categorized by content area and grade level for at-home enrichment in learning. Please use the list as options from which to explore and select activities of interest.

Please use  Google Chrome as your browser to access the provided links.  These links are also available online at:

We are currently developing options for those that do not have access

to technology. More information regarding our distribution process for hard-copy instructional resources will soon be provided to our Chandler Unified
families. Thank you for your partnership as we continue to focus on the safety
and health of our community.


Comprehensive Content


ACT Academy

Grades: K-12

Description: ComprehensiveContent - Individualized practice



Grades: 7-12

Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized practice


Be Active Handouts

Grades: K-6

Description: Comprehensive Content - Activities with household items

Grades: PreK-5

Description: Comprehensive Content - Worksheets and printable practice


Khan Academy

Grades: K-12

Description: Comprehensive Content - Individualized practice

Mensa for Kids

Grades: K-6

Description: Comprehensive Content - Activities for the gifted learner

Playful Learning

Grades: K-8

Description: Comprehensive Content - Playful lesson resources

Foreign Language



Grades: K-12

Description: Foreign Language - Learn 25 different languages

Language Arts


Free Children Stories

Grades: PreK-5 

Description: Language Arts - Original stories for children


Grades: PreK-8 

Description: Language Arts - Educational books and games

Scholastic Learn at Home

Grades: PreK-6 Description: Language Arts -

Lessons aligned to literature


Grades: PreK-3

Description: Language Arts - Phonics support


Storyline Online

Grades: K-3 

Description: Language Arts - Books for children


Teach Your Monster to Read

Grades: K-3

Description: Language Arts - Reading fluency




Grades: K-8

Description: Math - Computational knowledge practice

Physical Education

Go Noodle

Grades: PreK-6

Description: Physical Education - Movement activities


Mystery Science

Grades: K-5

Description: Science - Science visuals and activities


Grades: K-8

Description: Technology - Coding coaching and application


Grades: K-8

Description: Technology - Coding coaching and application"

In addition to the information on our Patterson website, and what will be communicated from your child's teacher, below are some contacts you may need throughout the closure:

Principal, Sarah

Assistant Principal, Elizabeth Sacco-

Counselor, Meghan Schultz-

District Nurse serving as our current Health Assistant, Denise Rusk -

Office Manager, Dawn Miller-

As a parent myself, please know that I completely understand some uncertainties as I navigate what to coordinate for my own children. If you have questions please feel free to contact me as a parent or principal with what I can do to serve you and your family. On behalf of the entire Patterson staff, we are thinking of you each day and will be here for all students.


Sarah Stephens


Charlotte Patterson Elementary