P4P Day 2 Results!!!
Tue, Feb 25 7:19pm

Thank you Pride Families for the generous donations, sending in money through the envelopes and online.  Last night’s contest was

Brrrrrr-illiant – the prize is a snow cones and snowballs party!   

We are proud to announce that the top class from grades 4 -6 brought in $702.96.  This class gets a Snow Cones and Snowballs party…congratulations to the COOL winners, Mrs. DeGregorio’s class!  

The winner from grades K – 3 also happens to have the most in donations for the entire school, $1,351!  The SUPER CHILL winner of the Snow Cones and Snowballs party, can we say REPEAT, was Miss Lutostanski’s!  

Tonight, the contest is Paws’ favorite meal – PIZZA!  The top classes from grades K – 3 AND grades 4 – 6 get to win a pizza party with Paws!  LITTLE BY LITTLE, A LITTLE BECOMES A LOT!  Thank you PRIDE!