Art & Science Day - Thank You & Survey
Mon, Apr 29 1:59pm
College Park Elementary

Kudos and congrats to the amazing planning team, 120 workshop leaders/assistants, chaperones, and volunteers for bringing in another highly successful, educational, and well-organized Art and Science Day last Friday! 


Art & Science Day Committee: Shauna Lawry, Jerri Martin, Emily Wang, Connie Chang, Miyon Young


Workshop leaders and assistants: Lin He, Fanny Chandra, Amy Tatsutani, Theresa Shek, Junichi Gondai, John Gieseker, Helen Davis, Jennifer Quan, Grace Ho, Peter Shen, Thao Le, Angela Wu, Catherine Immanuel, Laura Mandaro, Joanne A, Scott Sisemore, Mona Reeves, Sam Tam, Kawai Tam, Rebecca Fewkes, Cheng Hu, Eric Law-Hing, Katie Lau, Emily Chang Ito, Shan Lahiri, Kexin Huang, Judy Lam, Roxanne Jen, Carmen Quaresma, Le Dao, Eric Quan, Greg Gieseker, Jocelyn Pang, Norman Liang, Marissa Cannon, Noelle Chard, Alice Kang, Cathy Szeto, Cathy Lin, Fong Wang, Cathleen Chau, Stacie Yun, Yurah Yen


Chaperones: Nicole Sid, Allison Ng, Ngayin Ngai, Kathy Chan-Hwa, Stephanie Lee, Anna Kwan, Dora Mok, Katie Lau, Maritza Gutierrez, Lisa Zheng, Nana Shen, Candice Meng, Jack Chiang, Jennifer Li, Winnie Tungpagasit, Celia Chang, Karen Chi, Yining Wang, Jun Chen, Olga Moudry, Jon Wu, Diana Takayama, Letitia Wong, Jill Liang, Lauren Miyashita, Annie Guan, Yeda Tsang, Jennifer Lin, Dorothy Huang, Lena Yang, Shenglan Tang, Sherry Tien, Wallace Lee, Todd Berliner, Sandi Wong, Jennifer Kuo, Sandi Wong, Cheng Hu, Diana Leu, Sandia, Sandy Lee, Michelle Ke, Mike Williamson, Debbie Melamud, Moon Li, Maggie Chen, Alice Kang, Helen Chang, Angela Han, Sindy Louie, Anna Kwan


Day of Volunteers: Queenie Hua, Nellie Tam, Ping Liao, Amy Lau, Celia Chang, Jack Chiang, David Beltran, Shinar Ascencio, Joyce Ng, Brian Gee, Stacey Lin, Derrick Chua, Kelly Lan, Bonnie Tai Shimomi, Dorothy Huang, Eve Tiu, Roxanne Jen, Ying Zhang, Sung Sim Park, Ana Li, Yang Yang, Winnie Tungpagasit, Yong Miao Yi


Thank you for the food donation: Gina Basa, Tina Nguyen, Hayley Park, Maria Palma, Vivian Wang, Joyce Wong, Amy Yip, Emily Russel, Roxanne Jen, Rachel Chang, Cecelia Tzeng, Olga Moudry, Stacey Lin, Mary Chang, Kae Kwong, Rocky Mai, Laura Ing, Slave Kornachevska, Yen Pang, Mridula Pasam, Linda Hsiao, Cathleen Chau, Stephanie Ta, Lisa Zheng, Angela Wong, Edna Kim



Pinkey Tsang

VP of Programs 



From A&S Committee:


We hope that everyone had a great experience at this year's Art and Science Day! The day was beautiful and hopefully there was a great variety of workshops to enjoy. 


Every year we try to improve the event and your input is very very important.  We would love to hear from everyone - parent volunteers, workshop leaders, teachers and staff. Next year, there may be some changes to the event and without feedback, we won't know what aspects of the event you would like to stay the same, and what you would like to see improved going forward.


Please click on the following survey:


Thank you in advance for your participation!