Box Tops - FIRST collection of the year - this Friday, Oct 26
Wed, Oct 24 11:59am
College Park Elementary

Hi All,

We will be sending in our first Box Top submission shortly.  Please have your child(ren) bring in any Box Tops by THIS FRIDAY, Oct 26.  Please have your child(ren) submit to their homeroom teacher to earn bamboo leaves for their class.  If you want to drop in the office, please put in a baggie with the homeroom number so that the homeroom gets credit.
A couple of other notes - 
1.  Keep Box Tops separate from one another - do not tape, glue, staple, etc... them together.  
2.  They do not need to be perfectly cut; however, please ensure the expiration date and code in the upper left-hand corner are intact.
3.  Watch for expired Box Tops and do not send in - we spend time looking for them and throwing them out.
Thanks for your support! 
Jennifer Lin