Campus Clean Up Thanks!
Mon, Jan 13 8:30am
Hi All,
We had a great crew out on Sunday to walk the College Park perimeter and pick up litter. The Trophy Trash award goes to Grayson (Kindergarten) for finding a hubcap.  See picture.  The collection took about an hour and twenty minutes and we celebrated afterwards with hot chocolate in the parking lot.
Thanks to:
Michelle, MJ and Nicolas
Jennifer and Rosalyn 
John, Aiden and Laylani
Jasmine, Ashley and Stephanie
Mae and Grayson
The final Campus Clean Up for this school year will be Sunday, 4/26/20 at 4 pm.
Hope to see you there!
Scott Sisemore (parent of Tate 5th grade at CP and Brenton 8th grade at Bayside)
P.S. This will be our families last academic year at College Park.  I am looking for a parent or family that would like to take the lead and continue the tradition of the Campus Cleanup in the future.  Let me know if you are interested!