Chinese New Year Parade in SF - a huge success!
Sun, Feb 24 5:47pm
College Park Elementary

Dear College Park Families, 


(Pardon me that this note is a bit long...) 


I'd like to share with you all that our FMS Chinese New Year parade team marched in San Francisco last night.  Please see the attached video and pictures for a glance of our marching.


It was a beautiful day.  Our students and chaperons braved the cold (50F when we marched), gathered on campus at 2:30pm and returned at 9:30pm.  Throughout the whole time, our students had very high spirit and until we returned to campus, they still appeared energetic!  We couldn't have accomplished such a great experience without the following help.


Mr. Milburn, Music Director - This was Mr. Milburn's 7th year directing the music and training the drum team.  Mr. Milburn incorporated the rhythm of the song 豬八戒娶媳婦"Pigsy (Zhu Bajie) Carries His Wife" in the drum to highlight the year of Pig this year.


Principal Chuang - As always, Mr. Chuang provided strong support to the team throughout the whole process and practice. 


Sherry Tien and Dora Mok - Sherry and Dora were our parade organizers this year.  They orchestrated the whole event including sourcing the brand new costume from China, designing and coordinating costumes for chaperons, designing the choreography and training the umbrella team, and coordinating all details throughout the process and the day of.  They also hand sprayed the water proof paint on the umbrella,  manually altered the costume to fit students, and many more.


Vivian Matsuyama - Vivian managed communications with parents and some external vendors.


Linda Sutato - Linda co-led the umbrella team and was on site for training everyday.


Joanne Chang - Joanne managed details with costumes.


Jocelyn Liao - Jocelyn managed snacks on the day of and assisted in training.


Yvonne Lau - Yvonne was our photographer on site and on the day of.


Bryan Han - Our forever Bryan yet another year helped us film the parade.


Of course, we also had many volunteer parents who helped throughout the process and onsite for training.  Many of you came multiple days a week or some did every day, to assist in training.


It is another experience where College Park families gathered to support a cultural event for our students.  I am truly grateful for the collaboration and effort that all parents put into this event.  Congratulations to our fearless students, parents, and chaperons on another successful marching.


Yining Wang

FMS Board Member