Classrooms and Committees, Yearbook, and Lunch Duty
Sat, Sep 8 3:53pm
College Park Elementary

Hi Parents:  


Please spend a few minutes to read this message and follow the instructions.


1) Classrooms and Committees

Please be sure that you have added your child to his/her homeroom.  Make sure you signed up for the appropriate  grade level committee, and there is also an “After school activities and academic resources”  committee  to post and receive information about  Girl Scouts, Cubscouts, sports, after school programs, etc...  


If you need tips on using Konstella, please refer to this link which has a cheat sheet on how to use Konstella.


2) Yearbooks, yearbooks, yearbooks! 

We will be using Treering again for our yearbooks.  They will cost $18.99 this year for a softcover.  However if you order by Sep 30th, you can get a 15% discount making it $16.14 after tax.  Treering allows parents to customize their student’s yearbook with a two-page layout (included in the price).  Parents can also opt to add more pages at $1  for every two-pages.

a) If you have an account from last year, click here to order.

b) If you don't have a treering account, click here to sign up.


3)  Lunch Duty

If you  have time to volunteer for lunch duty at any time during the school year, please sign up for the Lunch Duty Volunteers committee.  All communication and sign ups will only be visible to this committee.