College Park Amazon App Button
Mon, Dec 17 10:23pm
College Park Elementary

Hi everyone,

Hopefully everyone has been reading Helen's Konstella notices using the special College Park link when shopping on Amazon.  This IS NOT the same as the Amazon Smile program, where they only donate 0.5% for every purchase.  With our direct partnership, we earn 4%-10%, which is 8x - 20x more for our school!


Here's a way to add a College Park Amazon App button on your iPhone.  It only takes a minute to set up, so please consider doing so - it's the easiest way to support College Park.


1)  Type in or click on this link and open using SAFARI (not Chrome):

2)  This should open up Amazon; look for the “Share” icon at the bottom of the screen (an arrow pointing up out of a box)


3)  Look for the “Add to Home Screen” icon. You might have to scroll right to find it.


4)  Enter a name for the App icon (ie, College Park Amazon), then press “Add”.


5)  The College Park Amazon app icon should be on your home screen now. Use this app button whenever you shop at Amazon from your phone and College Park will earn a commission with each purchase.

If you are having problems, feel free to email me:  I can even meet up at morning drop-off and help you set it up.


For Android users, this was what I could find online to do the same thing:

Thanks everyone!
Peyton (4th)
Landon (1st)