College Park Campus Clean Up
Sun, Aug 18 9:10pm


Where’s the joy in picking up neighborhood trash?  Well, it doubles as a family outing; it makes for a proud neighborhood and school; it’s not unusual to find money and, today,  we found at least one unopened bottle of beer.  A record 13 College Park families totaling 35 individuals big and small, walked the perimeter of College Park on this windy, Sunday afternoon of August 18, 2019, picking up trash, armed with disposal gloves and garbage bags.   So what’s that saying … “let’s give a big shout out” to our organizers Joanne and Scott Sisemore.  Their sons Tate and Brenton were on hand to help.  But really, we have to single out Joanne for her extra TLC  - you know, for bringing disposal gloves, garbage bags, sanitizer, trail mix, juice and yummy bars!!  Other families on hand included, I’m very proud to say, PTA board members:  Allison Ng and family – she’s our parliamentarian!  Our VP of Programs Shauna Lawry and her kids.  You gotta keep your eye on her – she’s heading up this year’s PandaFest among other feats.  The PTA secretary Doug Christini and his son were seen bending over, picking up that trash like everyone else and smiling all the way!  So, so heart-warming.  Of course, it was all the more fun because of the opportunity for old College Park families such as Lara Heisler’s to mix with families new to College Park:  Diana and Brent Hoo; Jacob Abrams and Quincy; Stephanie Petit and Natalie Porter;  Stan, Eve, Sophia and Sam Tiu.  There was at least one little boy – maybe three years of age, driving his toy auto and helping as best he can.  Forgive me please, he had to leave in a hurry to avoid soiling anything, so I did not catch his name.  Thank you - wonderful College Park families for taking care of things!