College Park PTA Fall Drive
Tue, Aug 13 11:22pm

Dear Parents,


For those new to College Park Elementary, welcome!  And for all returning families, welcome back!  I am excited to inform you that College Park PTA will be bringing in an additional English Aide this year thanks to your continued support. 


As a public school, several essential resources are not covered by state funding, so our PTA funds several items in our school for the students' education including English aides, computer instructor, art in action etc.  In order to keep up with the growing budget, we rely on your generosity to give your student the gift of education, at the cost of $500 per student.  Without this amount, we cannot continue to provide these essential programs. While our need is $500 per student, we understand that not every family is able to donate $500 per child, but our goal for the College Park PTA Fall Drive is 100% participation.  Whether you can give $50 or $5,000, each dollar makes a difference.  


The drive ends on Wednesday, September 25, 2019, the Wednesday before the PandaFest on Sunday, September 29, 2019.  With a full $500 donation per student, a family will get a free short-sleeve Panda T-shirt (while supplies last.)  Attached to this notice is a copy of the Donation Letter that will be distributed to each family during the first week of school.  To donate please go to  


Also as part of the Fall Drive, we will be having a class competition for participation.  

     100% participation — each student in the class will get free games at PandaFest, voucher for 1 art & craft, voucher for 1 treat at PandaFest

     85% participation — each child in the class will get free games at PandaFest 

     75% participation — each child in the class will get a free treat at PandaFest

Finally, don’t forget to check if your employer will match your donation.  (For those who are working at Apple, they are doing 200% matching through August, so donate now!!  If you know of another company that is having a similar matching promotion, please spread the word.)


Thank you!  Let us know if you have any questions.


Winnie Tungpagasit

VP Fundraising


** To help us with our tracking purposes, if you are donating via PayPal Giving,  please forward your PayPal donation receipt to John Gieseker <> and include the following information regarding the donation:

- each student's full name and class #
- Full name of each parent joining the PTA that is included in the donation amount ($10 membership dues per adult)
We will be sending out an email notification to each of you that will be receiving a Panda T-shirt starting next week.
Finally, don't forget to check if your company matches your donation using the Double the Donation link on the website.
Thank you!