College Park PTA Fundraising Status
Sun, Nov 3 10:13pm

Dear College Park Families, 


As a public school, several essential resources are not covered by state funding, so our PTA funds several items in our school for the students' education including English aides, computer instructor, art in action etc. 

In order to keep up with the growing budget, we rely on your generosity to give your student the gift of education.  Because without the necessary funds, we cannot continue to provide these essential programs. Ultimately, our need/goal is $226,000 ($500/student x 452 students) for this school year.  


Fundraising Status


To date we have raised $169,406.30 which is 75% of our goal.



Amount Raised

Yubbler School Supplies


Restaurant Fundraiser


Fall Drive/Direct Donations/Corporate Match


Panda Parties


Fall Drive -  Panda T-Shirt Appreciation Gift Status


We have distributed more than 110 Panda T-Shirt so far to those who donated $500 or more per student during the Fall Drive.  If you donated $500 or more per student during the Fall Drive (which officially ended on September 30) but you have not received a Panda T-shirt, please fill out this form College Park PTA Fall Drive Appreciation Gift ASAP and no later than next Friday, November 15th for the PTA Panda T-Shirt Appreciation gift.  


Fall Drive Class Competition Winners - Free Dress Day 


The following classes with 80% and above participation in the Fall Drive earned a Free Dress Day on Friday, November 15th:


  • 90%+ participation = Chang Room 1 and Rasool Room 19
  • 80%+ participation = Walsh Room 10 and Hiraga Room 20


On behalf of Fall Drive Committee and the rest of the 2019-2020 PTA Board members, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you that have donated.  For those that did not get a chance to donate yet, although the Fall Drive is over, our PTA still needs your support.  Whether you can give $50 or $5,000, each dollar makes a difference.  Any donation amount prior to the end of the school year is appreciated.  Also, please do not forget to check if you qualify for corporate matching on our website.  


Thank you again for your continued support of our students’ education!


Winnie Tungpagasit

2019-2020 VP Fundraising


**  Last but not least, Panda Parties are currently on sale.  Purchasing and attending Panda Parties are a great way to connect with the College Park Community and support the PTA at the same time, so buy!  Buy! Buy! College Park Webstore   


*** During the holiday season shopping, please remember to use the following links to make your purchases on the following sites to earn cash back for our PTA!!