FMS Gala 2020 - Seeking Help from Parent Community!
Wed, Nov 20 8:27am

Q: Do you have frequent flier, hotel or other travel rewards you’d be willing to donate? 

Q: Does your company offer a discount, and would you be willing to buy an item using your discount and donate it? 

Q: Are you a realtor, optometrist, dentist or small business owner?

If your answer is YES to any of the above, please consider donating to our FMS Gala 2020 auction or become a sponsor by January 10, 2020


Lastly, please kindly forward the Sponsorship Donation letter (PDF) to your realtor, dentist, optometrist, car dealership, after-school tutoring center, etc. so they can learn about the wonderful opportunity to support the Mandarin Immersion programs in San Mateo while promoting their business!  


Gala 2020 ~ SAVE THE DATE ~ March 7th, 2020