FMS Gift Card Orders Due Friday 10/25
Fri, Oct 18 11:58am

Dear College Park Families,

Thank you to those who have already submitted FMS Gift Cards orders!!  If you would still like to participate, the last day to turn in orders is Friday 10/25.  Please drop off order forms and check payable to "FMS" in the Gold Box in the school office.  Here is the current amount raised by each classroom:
Classroom Amount Raised
1 $22.49
3 $0.00
4 $14.22
7 $0.00
8 $21.68
9 $30.73
10 $44.62
11 $0.00
12 $3.36
13 $13.01
14 $5.48
15 $20.93
16 $17.00
17 $0.00
19 $0.00
20 $0.00
21 $20.31
22 $0.00

Please support FMS (Friends of Mandarin Scholars) by participating in the Gift Card Fundraiser.  Purchase gift cards from popular local merchants at face value and FMS will receive a percentage rebate at no cost to you.  Order forms have been sent home with your child.  Extra forms can be found in the school office and attached here.

FMS pays the salaries of the Mandarin aides, whose role are critical to provide small group learning in the classrooms.  Mandarin aides also provide morning/afternoon homework help in the library.  FMS also supports Mandarin teaching resources for the classroom as well as covers the cost of participation in cultural events, such as the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco.  Earnings from the FMS Gift Card Fundraiser will go towards our annual fundraising goal of $232,025.  

How to buy:

1.  Simply fill out the attached form and include a check payable to "FMS".  

2.  Orders are due by Friday, October 25, 2019 (after Fall Break).  Drop off filled order forms and checks in gold box labeled "Gift Card Orders" in the College Park front office.  (Not the FMS mailbox)

3.  Gift cards will be distributed starting on Wed, Nov 20 to Fri, Nov 22.  


1.  Classrooms raising over $250 will receive a free dress day.

2.  The top two classrooms raising the most money will receive a healthy treat at recess. 

This is a great fundraiser to ask neighbors, colleagues, friends and family.  They buy and receive gift cards in only the amount they give you.  Buy gift cards to merchants that you frequent, or give as gifts during the holidays!  

Questions: Contact Cathleen Chau on Konstella