FMS Mandarin 6 Comic Strip Contest 2020
Mon, Feb 10 9:00am - Fri, Feb 28 3:00pm
College Park Elementary


 FMS is hosting our first annual Mandarin six comic strip contest at College Park Elementary School.  The objective of the contest is to allow students to unleash their artistic and creative mind and showcase the visual art in 6 comic stripes along with their Mandarin skills.



Students will receive comic strip template in their homework folders on 2/3/2020.  Extra template will be available in each classroom and office.  


Group 1:

Kindergarten - requires more than 5 Mandarin characters in a comic strip 

1st grade - requires more than 10 Mandarin characters in a comic strip


Group 2:

2nd grade - requires more than 15 Mandarin characters 

3rd grade - requires more than 20 Mandarin characters 


Group 3:

4th grade - requires more than 25 Mandarin characters

5th grade - requires more than 25 Mandarin characters



  • A standard template must be used.
  • No English words allowed in the comic strip. 
  • Do not put any College Park student’s name or teacher’s name in the content.
  • Only one comic strip per student is allowed. If any student submits more than one comic strip, the latest submission will be used for the contest.
  • If any student’s comic doesn’t fulfill all requirements, it will be disqualified.



Principal Chuang and mandarin teachers will be the judges. 



There is one Principal Award, one 1st place, one 2nd place and one 3rd place in each group.

If any group has more than 50 participations, each grade in the group will receive a set of rewards (i.e. Principal award, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd). 


Principle Award - $25 Gift Card 

1st place - $20 Gift Card 

2nd place - $15 Gift Card 

3rd place - $10 Gift Card 

Outstanding Award(3 peoples) – Certificate of merits


Please turn your comic in to your homeroom teacher.



Sherry Tien

FMS Community Liaison