Final Push - IMPORTANT! These final days are the most impactful time of the entire election.
Fri, Nov 2 5:35pm
College Park Elementary

First thing you can do is very easy.

Just log into your Facebook account, go to the Measure V page;

Invest in San Mateo-Foster City School District Kids


From here all you have to do is "Share" and "Like" the campaign posts and the campaign's messages/posts will be shared with your Friends.  

This is a great reminder for your friends to vote YES on Measure V. 


For anyone phone banking, the TenMoreVotes App has been updated with (2) focused phone banking lists.  There are about 1,000 people on these lists who are most likely going to vote Yes on V, so calling them will be more like reminding them to vote.  Please use these lists for phone banking over the next few days.  You will find them at the bottom of the sub-campaign lists in the app.
If you still need an access code to access the app please respond to this message with your name and email. 
Additionally, there is one more district wide canvassing event tomorrow, Saturday.  Please attend and spread the word.  Check in is at 10 AM at Kingston Cafe at 19 North Kingston Street (across from North Shorview Montessori).
The vote will likely be close. This final push could be all we need to push it over the top. FOR OUR KIDS!