Thu, Jan 17 9:42pm
College Park Elementary

The rain was pouring, hard, fast, and furious.  Traffic was congested and tension of the motorists played out with forward jerking and jockeying of their vehicles, scurrying to the drop off lane.  Yet … the pedestrians bore smiles in the heavy weather!  They felt safeness emanating from the crossing guard.  The parents and kids all showed hints of appreciation through their slightly opened mouths, motioning, “Thank you!” 

If you like genuine gratitude; if you like that feel-good feeling from being a good neighbor, then you would appreciate the opportunity to help the kids cross the street in safety.  You would forever remember with inner satisfaction - kids growing up mocking your kindness!

Come to the campus a bit ahead of 8 am, pick up a crossing guard vest and sign at the CP office and start your day seeing genuine smiles as you ensure the safety of our kids!