Happy Birthday Performers Needed for weekly assemblies on Wednesdays
Custom on and Wednesdays from Sep 5, 2018
College Park Elementary
1 day before, 5 days before

Calling all budding musicians!


Do you have a music-loving kiddo who likes to take the stage? We've got good news for you! We are looking for kids to perform Happy Birthday Song at our weekly school assemblies on Wednesdays. All instruments are welcome even beat-boxing! During the assemblies, all students sing Happy Birthday to the kids who have birthdays that week.  

We need two students to play Happy Birthday each week.  One will play Happy Birthday while it is sung in English and one will play it while it is sung in Mandarin.  

If your child would like to perform, please sign up below and send a message to Ms. Ho  to let her know your child's name, grade, homeroom teacher, assembly date and the instrument they will be playing. 

To allow everyone an opportunity to perform, please limit your sign-up to just one slot. If by the end of September there are still empty slots, then you are welcome to sign your child up for another performance.

Two samples of sheet music for piano are provided below.  If your child plays an Eb instrument like an alto saxophone, the sheet music is also listed below.  For Bb instruments like the trumpet or clarinet, use the Bb music. 

 NOTE: On the day of your child's performance, please remind your child to go to the front of the gym at the beginning of assembly and find Ms. Yeh or Ms. Ho. Parents of the performers are invited to join us for the assembly to watch their child play. Other adults will not be allowed due to the capacity limit of the school gym.

 Please direct any questions to Ms. Ho (2nd grade bilingual teacher) on Konstella or by email (hho@smfc.k12.ca.us).

 Thank you!

College Park Assembly Committee