Important Yearbook Information
Thu, May 14 1:02pm

Hi Parents:


Per my announcement on April 10th, for current orders, yearbooks will be shipped directly to your home free of charge.  I have switched the shipment option, and now everyone needs to enter their home address in treering. 


To do so:


1) Log into

2) Select "My Orders" on the left menu

3) Click on the green Order #

4) You will see the "Deliver To" address will default to the school address.

5) Click Edit Address

6) Enter Your address and Click Verify Address. 

7) It may give you the option to select an address with the 9-digit zip.  

8) Select either your original address or the suggested address.


Anyone who orders after today, will still get shipping to their home but may need to pay a few dollars for shipping.


Be sure to update your address, as there won't be anyone to receive the books at school.


Also ask your child if they want digital signatures from their classmates.  You can send or request signatures in treering.  Once received a signature will need to be added to the custom pages.


Please note... the teachers listed in treering are just place holders for their complementary yearbook.  If you would like a teacher to sign a yearbook, you will need to reach out to them via email or Konstella.  They will then need to create an account on treering and send a signature.  They do not receive the signature requests sent via treering.   The teachers will need our school's treering passcode: 101474911035421 to sign up.


The deadline for editing custom pages is July 9th.  The yearbook will be sent to print July 17th and should delivered no later than mid August.


Thank you,


David Beltran