Important Yearbook Information
Wed, Jun 3 12:52pm

Hi Parents:


Yearbooks are scheduled to be delivered to your homes mid August.  In order for it to run smoothly, we need your help.


1) You need to update your shipping address or your book may be shipped to school when no one is there.  Please see my announcement from May 14th with details on how to update your shipping address.

2) request digital signatures from classmates and teachers before July.  All teacher accounts on treering are now directed to the teachers' emails so they will now see signature requests.  Since signatures need to be added to custom pages, please send all signatures and requests before July to give other parents enough time to modify their pages.

3) If you have photos of your class or school wide event, please be sure to upload them to the correct shared folder on treering.   Editors need to select photos from the folders. If you don't see a folder for a class or event, let me know, and I can create a new shared folder.

4) Volunteer to help create your child's homeroom page or a school wide event page.  We still need volunteers to help edit the yearbook.  Please sign up on the 2019-2020 Yearbook committee on Konstella.  I will take volunteers from there and add them to treering.  If your homeroom, doesn't have a volunteer, the page for your class may end up being blank.  You don't need any experience to work on treering... the interface is drag and drop.  For each homeroom, we just ask that each student is included at least once on the page.

5) If you need to know the passcode for our treering account, it is 101474911035421.

6) The first deadline to create custom pages is set for July 9th, but the yearbook will be finalized and set to print mid-July.  Once it is sent to print, you cannot make any further modifications.  This year treering does not require you to set the pages to Print Ready.  All custom pages will automatically be printed.



Thank you

David Beltran