Important steps to make sure you don’t miss any messages.
Tue, Aug 14 12:02pm
College Park Elementary

Hi Parents


Happy first day of school!  Please take a couple of minutes to do the following to make sure you don’t miss classroom or grade level announcements.


Log into Konstella via the app or website.  

1) Add your child to his/her classroom

Select the settings icon on the app or click on your name on the website.  

Select “ Your Children”

Select your child and add them to their Homeroom teacher.  (For GATE, add your child to the grade level GATE class)

mid prompted to Add vs Merge choose Merge if it shows your child’s name.


2) Add yourself to the grade level committee.

Select Committees under the directory link on the app or on the left menu on the website.

Search for the current grade level committee for your child’s grade.  (GATE parents also need to sign up for the GATE committee.)

Sign up for that committee if you are not already a member.


3) Click Acknowledge for this message on the app or website.

Otherwise this message may be sent to you again even if you’ve read it via email.


Thank you


College Park Konstella Admins