In the Spirit of the Holidays -- Please support one of the strongest voices at our school and get your tax deduction for 2018!
Sun, Dec 16 10:28pm
College Park Elementary

Dear College Park Families,


How time flies as we are now wrapping up for the holidays.  During this time, please let us reflect on all the support everyone has provided to our school family.  As they say, it takes a village to raise a child.  We are grateful that our village is strong with each and every one of you.

Please continue to support our PTA by joining the PTA ($10 membership fee) and make a donation to support the various PTA-funded programs at College Park.  The suggested  donation for the PTA is $425 per student.  PTA Membership is yearly, so membership from last year does not carry to current year.

We currently have a friendly competition between all the grades and homerooms to encourage 100% parent participation.  Classrooms that reach the goal of at least 85% will receive "free dress" and "extra recess".  Please help your child's homeroom win!  


The current stats are as follows:


Kinder - Room 1, Ms. Chang - 60%

Kinder - Room 2, Ms. Yan - 30%

Kinder - Room 3, Mr. Milburn - 56%

Kinder - Room 4, Ms. Young - 52%


First - Room 7, Ms. Walsh - 58%

First - Room  11, Ms. Yeh - 88% --> Almost there to 100%!

First - Room 12, Ms. Shi - 64%


Second- Room 8, Ms. Barry - 54%

Second - Room 9, Ms. Ho - 48%

Second - Room 10, Mr. Wu - 54%


Third - Room 15, Ms. DeVito - 48%

Third - Room 16, Ms. Chau - 54%

Third - Room 17 - Ms. Liu - 60%


Fourth - Room 13, Ms. Lowe - 52%

Fourth - Room 14, Mr. Lu - 43%


Fourth/Fifth - Room 19, Ms. Rasool - 48%

Fourth/Fifth - Room 20, Ms. Hiraga - 81% --> Almost there to 100%! 


Fifth - Room 21, Ms. Pencek - 48%

Fifth - Room 22, Ms. Chang - 30%


You can donate on the PTA website: and click on “join & donate to the PTA” on the right hand side of the page.  For monthly payment, you can create automatic recurring monthly payments of (“Bill Pay”) from your bank.  You can find additional details here:

 The PTA membership dues and tax-deductible donations (make yours count for 2018!) provide school funding for: 


  • Technology, reading, science and art staff positions.
  • Technology equipment, software and licensing fees; supplies and materials for science & art classes; equipment for the music & physical education programs.
  • School resources, classroom supplies, campus enhancement.

Thank you in advance for your support and please feel free to browse around the PTA website for additional information.

We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 



Theresa Shek

VP, Membership | Kinder and Third Grade Mom