Konstella Use Guidelines at College Park
Tue, Aug 14 11:59am
College Park Elementary

Welcome to Konstella at College Park, the private, parent-communication network supported by your PTA!

Please read the following posting guidelines to be a part of creating an informed, polite, and helpful environment.

Thank you,

Konstella Admins


Posting guidelines for Konstella at College Park


Your PTA administers Konstella, a private online platform, for school-wide and classroom-based communication. We encourage your active participation to discuss class and school activities, tackle homework questions, recruit and sign up for volunteer opportunities, plan school/class events, share files and photos, and access the parent directory.


The following posting guidelines outline the standard netiquette (“etiquette in technology”) for College Park Elementary Konstella users. We aim to have open, respectful and courteous communication at all times, and we expect parents to act in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner when using Konstella. Should anyone be unable to maintain basic “netiquette,” that person’s access to Konstella at College Park may be terminated at the sole discretion of the Konstella administrators.


  1. Post in the right place. Please find the appropriate place to address your questions. There are Committees and Social Groups for specific events and interests. Please look through the lists on the left-side menu bar for the appropriate space for your posts (i.e. questions about PTA or FMS should be posted to the Social Groups called “PTA Discussions – Feedback and questions” or “FMS Discussions,” respectively. Classroom discussions should remain specific to the class.)
  2. Respect privacy. Do not post anyone's telephone number, email address, or street address without their explicit permission.
  3. Permission to share photos. Photos may be posted ONLY if the parents of the children in the pictures have given their explicit consent. Photos must be uploaded via the desktop website in order to view the names of families who have opted out. (Note: Users need to register to elect their photo privacy option.)
  4. No flaming, blaming, shaming. No flames or personal disparagement. Concerns and complaints should be handled privately in a respectful manner. See the school handbook for more information.
  5. No advertising, solicitation, evangelizing or political lobbying. Personal recommendations for business and services are welcome, so long as there’s no conflict of interest or financial gain for the poster. Konstella is not an appropriate place for advertising, commercial solicitation, or religious discussions. Political lobbying and campaigning is limited to the ballot measures/issues endorsed by the PTA.
  6. Lawful conduct. Parents will not attempt to access an account assigned to another user, and will not use the information on this portal for any illegal activity, including violation of Federal and State Data Privacy laws.