LCAP meeting for funding the Mandarin Program is happening this week!
Wed, Jan 30 6:30pm-8:30pm
Bayside Academy, 2025 Kehoe Ave, San Mateo

Important meeting for funding our Mandarin Program is happening this week!

Wednesday January 30th at Bayside Academy, 2025 Kehoe Ave, S.M. at 6:30 pm


Bayside is hosting the LCAP (Local Control Accountability Plan) meeting on January 30 to gather constituencies and input on what’s working or not with the school. The LCAP is submitted to the state, and money is connected to approval of those plans (example - help needed with reading, so funding for reading staff would be provided). This year, the LCAP meetings will be led by the district office at each complex - the middle school and the feeder schools. Bayside is made up of College Park, Parkside, LEED, and North Shoreview.

It is important to get Mandarin families from College Park & Bayside to attend and emphasize why the Mandarin program is an important one to be supported. Diversity that the program brings to the school is important to Mr. Cosmos as a principal. It’s hard administratively, but at the end of the day, the program is valuable for all the students.

All meetings 6:30-8:30 pm | Families may attend any session Translation and child care will be available

  • January 30 – Bayside Academy – 2025 Kehoe Ave, San Mateo- Bayside Academy, College Park, LEAD, North Shoreview, Parkside
  • February 6 – Bowditch Middle School - 450 Tarpon St, Foster City– Audubon, Bowditch, Brewer Island, Foster City

Join your school community & district leaders to:

  • REVIEW our district LCAP process
  • REFLECT on the root causes of that progress


Here's the overview of the timeline and purpose of the LCAP:


Families do not need to be prepared to speak. The number of families at the meeting showing support for the Mandarin programs will create a very positive impact for College Park and our Mandarin program.  


Hope to see you there!