Fri, Dec 21 7:03pm
College Park Elementary

Literacy Week is executed each year with grace and this year was no exception!  Chairing this year’s event, PTA Executive Board Member Allison Ng started preparations months ago.  This is what she pulled off with the assistance of PTA member Grace Ho and Theresa Shek, another PTA Board Member:  brought aboard author Deborah Underwood to help celebrate, autograph and give an “engaging presentation filled with fun and laughter.”  Allison’s team lined up over 20 readers from the community to read to our students and stimulate the students’ interest in reading.  The readers who came – mayors, fire chiefs, rescue wonks, physicians, veterinarians, lawyers - came at great personal sacrifice for the love of our kids.  The entire event was so touching, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have mingled with the best.

Allison sent multiple emails, after which she sent some more, getting donations for the Wednesday Community Readers Reception.  The treats were outstanding, including hot cheese and beef quesadillas.  And we must thank these parents for helping with the reception and bringing the grand treats:  Noelle Chard, Mandy Wong, Liz Yeager, Emily Chang-Ito, Shauna Lawry, Christine Chou, Sung Coe, Edna Kim, Carmon Choy and, there are many more.  The event, like all the other College Park events, was heart-warming and, the epitome of organization: just look at the signup sheet!

The kids – Yes, the kids really got into it. They started Monday by earning badges for reciting their poetry.  Many eared a pair:  one badge for reciting in English and a different badge for reciting in Mandarin.   The kids ended Literacy Week with glee and thrills from the book give-away on Friday.  Thank you, College Park Community, thank you volunteers; may all the families continue the festivities with great love and joy, into the entire Holiday Season.  See you in January 2019!


Jon Wu

PTA President