Sun, Sep 30 9:37pm
College Park Elementary

A BIG SHOUT OUT OF THANKS, PLEASE - to the parents and friends of College Park for participating in another festive event earlier today  - the 2018 Moon Fesrtival - and, another super shout out to the volunteers who created the event.  Over 100 individuals contributed to today's success in many ways, including planning and executing the plan starting with College Park's Principal Steven Chuang opening the campus at 9:30 am on the day of the event.  Our VP of Programs Pinkey Tsang was the first to arrive and the last to leave at 5 pm, and inbetween, we have to single out these parents for their herculian efforts (in no particular order):  Connie Chang (Olivia), Christina Jia (Jacey), Jill Liang (Andrew), Adeline Lim (Chloe, Alex), Jennifer Louie (Roselyn ), Jerri Martin (Naomi, Jasper), Yen Pang (Enara), Kim Stafford (Leo), John Gieseker (Maddie), Yo Wu (Jon), Shereen Yap (Benjamin),  Theresa Shek (Leliani), Liz Yeager (Ben), Helen Davis (Emma), Cathy Szeto (and her son from Borel), Kapo, of course, plus Lara,  Cathleen Chau, and last but not least, Lauren (Noe) for taking the dirty  sheets (actually talble cloths) home to wash, fold and return to the PTA  Kitchen!   I mention some of the kids because they helped in many ways - even if it was simply exhibiting great behaviour.  Again, thank you all so much!

Jon Wu, PTA President and father of 2nd greader and CP 2017 grad.