Sun, Mar 24 11:05pm
College Park Elementary

Two significant, soul enhancing, heartfelt events occurred during the past two weeks at College Park.  And, both events set the stage for yet another great year for our students.  The first significant event was the election of the 2019–2020 PTA executive board.  Seven of the 12, newly elected board members will be fresh faces on the board, but certainly no stranger to PTA programs.  

Congratulations and welcome to the 2019-2020 PTA Executive Board members: 

President, Jon Wu

Vice President, Pinkey Tsang

Secretary, Doug Christini

Treasurer, Cathy Lin

Financial Secretary, Jennifer Li

VP of Membership, John Gieseker

VP of Programs, Shauna Lawry

VP of Fundraising, Winnie Tungpagasit

Community Liaison, Connie Chang

Historian, Theresa Shek

Auditor, Hsuan-Pei Lin

Parliamentarian, Allison Ng 


The other significant event was the 7th Annual Gala of the Friends of Mandarin Scholars.  Previous FMS Galas were all fantastic events and each one out-did the previous by leaps and bounds.  Still, this last one two weeks ago was a superb milestone gathering of 350 devoted parents and School District dignitaries.  An example of an item of note:  the winning bid at the live auction for the Principal for a Day with our outstanding Steven Chuang brought $4,300.  Last year’s winning bid was $2,200.  The high bid two years ago was $1,100.  Such exciting progression; can you imagine?  Thanks to the Gala chairs (in alpha order) Cathy Szeto, Lina Yin and Tammy Shue, $150,000 in total was raised at this year's GALA.  


Recall the first FMS event:  Two tables, roped off in the rear at Millbrae’s 300-seat, open-space Zen Peninsula Restaurant.  Then the following year, the two tables multiplied into 10 or more rousting tables at the now gone, then significant, Singapore Spice House in Foster City.  Soon the FMS Galas turned elegant in 2014, at the view enhanced, mountain-top College of San Mateo.


Speaking of elegance: Last Saturday night’s Salon with pianist Heidi Tyan and soprano Brooke Yang – both devoted CP parents, was classic College Park Panda Party (thanks to Helen Davis) and, nothing short of elegant.   Both women presented grace, style and finesse, donned in beautiful flowing dresses, performing classical music as well as an Asian traditional.  Under soothing lights, Heidi’s husband, provided the history of Salon and put the night in perspective.  At the rate our outstanding, devoted parents are going, College Park will soon be San Mateo County’s stand-out of all schools, private and public! 


Thank you all for your support and for making our school amazing.

Fondly Yours,

Jon Wu

PTA President & parent of 2nd grader.