Moon Festival 9/30 - scaled back? Please volunteer for our kids
Mon, Sep 24 7:16am
College Park Elementary

Hi College Park Families,
Our kids are looking forward to a fabulous day, but it looks like we will have to scale back on the event for lack of parent volunteers unless we get some folks to sign up by tomorrow.

The Moon Festival Sign Up link is: Moon Festival VOLUNTEER 9/30

The Moon Festival Food donation link is: Moon Festival FOOD donations

Please, this is YOUR PTA's only major school-wide family-oriented event this year. It is both a FUN fundraiser and a way to meet and get to know other families. If you want your kids to continue to have Art In Action, a Science Coordinator, and Computer instruction on campus, YOUR support of YOUR PTA is invaluable.
Thank you kindly,
Jerri Martin
Moon Festival co-coordinator

 PS-  Remember you can count this towards your expected 40 hours of volunteer work for the year as tracked in the office!

PPS - Some people think that, "They are the PTA". I would like to re-emphasize that it is every parent in the school and every teacher who can have a say in what this school's PTA does. We had close to 100% membership among parents a few years ago, and 100% among the teachers. It is only $10 to become a member.  Please DO SO now at YOUR PTA's website:

PPS - Thank you for volunteering and giving our kids the gift of this fabulously fun festival!