PBIS--"Pirates on a Quest for Gold" activity calls for volunteers
Mon, Apr 15 8:15am-10:15pm
College Park Elementary
3 days before

Dear College Park families,

On April 15th, PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention System) team is arranging a half day school-wide event to remind students of the school expectations after a long break in a very fun way called "Pirates on a Quest for Gold". Students will rotate in 7 stations in each session (8:30-10:15 and 10:40-12:30), and get a stamp on their quest map at each station if they successfully demonstrate behavior expectations in the given station. A classroom teacher will lead an activity in each station. It will be around 30-50 students being on each station at once for 15 minutes. We have a very short amount of time to give them stamps, and we know it is very meaningful to stamp their paper to encourage them to continue to do the right things. So we need your help!

For each station, we will need 1-2 volunteers to hold the stamp, and catch the students who share thoughts, or act out the expected behaviors to give them a stamp on their map quickly.

If you are available in the morning 8:15-10:15, or/and 10:30-12:30 and would like to help out, please sign up below.

It could be a good chance for you to gain knowledge about your children's school expectations, and add some fresh ideas to your 'toolkit' on how you may use positive phrases to reinforce the wanted behaviors at home!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Konstella or by email: xyan@smfcsd.net.

Thank you so much for supporting our PBIS team, and make the quest meaningful for all the students! You time and effort is greatly appreciated!


Xi Yan

K-1 Special Day Class teacher


help to stamp (K-3th Grade) Signed Up: 9 / 14

Mon, Apr 15 8:15am-10:15pm
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help to stamp (4th and 5th Grade) Signed Up: 6 / 14

Mon, Apr 15 10:30am-12:30pm
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