PTA Board Messages
Tue, Nov 26 3:53pm

Hello College Park Parents & Family -  We wish everyone a super Great Happy Thanksgiving!  That’s our first message. 

The second message is from our PTA Vice President of Membership John Gieseker:  Your PTA Board met this morning. A concern of some parents was brought up about funds that the PTA transfers to the School District to cover the salaries of some staff at College Park (for Art in Action; Science Lab; Computer para educator; English Aid). We appreciate knowing your concerns and would like to assure the community that the PTA Board goes through a very thorough process of budgets, accounting and audits to ensure all PTA funds are accounted for, are not wasted and are utilized to best serve our students. This morning's meeting provided a good example of those efforts.  Also, during the regular Principal’s Update at the Board meeting, we received the great news from Principle Chuang that the School District will pay for additional Chrome book computers for College Park.  And, with the very generous contribution of iPads from Friends of Mandarin Scholars (FMS), that left us only three classes (kinder, first, second) short of the optimum number of computers for our school. The current PTA budget has the necessary funds designated for technology equipment to make up the shortfall for these two classes. Now we are well on our way to putting those computers in the hands of our students and their teachers. This is your PTA working with the School District and FMS along with input from Principle Chuang, teachers and staff to make the very best use of the resources that College Park families generously donated for the benefit of all College Park students. If you’d like more information, please watch for announcements of PTA General Assemblies when the budget is reviewed and voted on by all the PTA members in attendance.

The third message?  That’s for you to say.   Anything about educating our students at College Park, including ins and outs of teachers and curricula, contact our Principal Mr. Chuang.  Anything about our PTA’s mission, including advocacy for students and family and funding of special programs, contact any member of the PTA Board.

The Fourth message?  And this is important:  We wish you and your lovely children All Our Best!

Jon Wu, PTA President                     

Pinkey Tsang, Exec Vice President

Cathy Lin, Treasurer                         

Doug Christini <>, Secretary               

Jennifer Li <>, Financial Secretary       

John Gieseker, VP Membership                              

Shauna Lawry <>, VP Programs                        

Winnie Tungpagasit <>, VP Fundraising                     

Connie Chang Chinchio <>, Community Liaison             

Theresa Shek, Historian                 

Hsuan-Pei Lin <>, Auditor                                         

Allison Ng, Parliamentarian                      


Now for the fifth message:  As you plan this holiday season, be sure to include sending your lovely kids to school without cutting.  Don’t cut, not even one day.  Why?  Because the California Distinguished School award, such as the two the State of California awarded to College Park, includes recognition of exemplary school attendance!