PTA Fundraising Updates and PANDA PARTIES !!!
Mon, Aug 31 11:40am

PTA Fundraising Updates


  1. College Park PTA Fall Drive and Class Competition -  Help fund our school's full-time Reading Specialist, two English aides, and our art & science coordinators!  None of these are funded by the school district and we rely on your generosity to give your student the gift of education, at the cost of $500 per student to continue these essential services.  While our need is $500 per student, every donation counts!  Our goal is 100% participation. 
  • 100% participation — entire class gets a virtual movie night and 1 free treat per child (plus Class Recognition on PTA website)
  • 90% participation — entire class gets a virtual movie night (plus Class Recognition on PTA website)
  • 80% participation — entire class gets a virtual movie night 


This year’s class competition is based on participation in the Fall drive.

 Donate on our website ( NOW!


** In order for your donation to be counted for the College Park facemask or the class competition, you must fill out the Donation Form on the PTA website, whether you donate online, through your company portal, or by check. Deadline is Wednesday, 9/30/2020!


As of last Friday, 8/28/20, below are each class participation standing:



** Updates for the Class Competition will be posted on the PTA website donation page the beginning of each week during the Fall Drive.


  1. Panda Parties is our PTA’s annual fundraiser which is great for community building especially during this time when we do not get a chance to meet other families in person.  Panda Parties are events hosted by parents and/or teachers. Parties can be family friendly, kids only, or adults only. Hosts assume the cost of the event and take care of party logistics.  Attendees pay the PTA to attend the party.  Panda Parties are a great way to meet other College Park families and raise money for our PTA, giving your student the gift of education!! These parties occur outside of school hours.  All parties MUST be virtual this year.  



Below are some different ways to make this a success:

1) Be part of the Panda Party Committee, Please email Winnie Tungpagasit if you are interested.


2) Be a Panda Party Host.  Click here to sign up by Friday, 9/18/20



3) Buy Panda Parties.  Sale will begin on Sunday, 10/4/20.


Let's make this coming year a great one for the PTA and our kids by being part of the Panda Party Committee and/or hosting some amazing Panda Parties!!


Not sure how to host a Panda Party? Read on...


How to host a Panda Party:

Who: You are the host! Feel free to host the event solo, or team up with other parents or teachers to co-host an event.

What: Think of a party idea! The party can be small or large. Consider # of attendees, age range and ticket price. Let the committee know if you need help with these details.

When: Choose a Date & Time.

How: To host a party, please fill out the google form here. Then, start organizing the event! A Panda Party Committee member will furnish your list of attendees so you can start communicating with them about the party details.


The deadline for Party idea submission is Friday, September 18, 2020.


Need a Party idea?

Don't be shy! The committee can help you explore ideas & provide guidance.

Parties can be kid-only, parent-only or family friendly.

Parties can be limited to certain grades.


Sample Virtual Party Ideas:

  • Families love to get together.  Examples: Family Game Night. 
  • Parents love parties where they enjoy good company/conversation or learn a new skill. Example: Cooking/baking Class, Poker Night, Book club.
  • Kids love to learn new skills. Examples: Coding, Painting, Origami, Learning Magic Tricks, Cooking/Baking.
  • Kids also love to get “together” (even virtually) to play popular games. Examples: Roblox, Minecraft, Fortnite, Pokemon, (or other .io) games.
-These are PTA sponsored events, outside of school hours.
-Teachers and district staff should not be required to attend these events as they are not district/school activities and/or happening during work hours. They may attend on a voluntary basis.
-The advertising of the event should explicitly state that this is a PTA sponsored event  to differentiate it  from being a school/district sponsored event. 
-SMFC platforms (Google Classroom, See Saw) and SMFC email should not be used to advertise or communicate about the events. 


Questions? Please contact Winnie Tungpagasit (


Thank you!